"Apparently decades of peer-reviewed scientific study can be, like a ficus plant, destroyed in one cold weekend." -- Jon Stewart

Geography of Murder Forest of Corpses Man's Best Friends L.A.Boneyard

"Pat A. Brown uses the male point of view like no other author I have ever read, including male authors. Her knowledge of forensic science, police procedure, and nature are a credit to Ms. Brown's diligent research. There were times when I forgot that A Forest Of Corpses was a fiction novel because of Ms. Brown's ability to put the reader in the middle of the action."

"She makes things hard for her characters. Then she begins her story, gives them a reason to be uncertain, gives them something to fear, then introduces the twist that plunges them into the shit and takes away their shovel." Two Lips Reviews  

“Rick Reed says: "P.A. Brown is one of those writers who should be as famous as P. Cornwell, if there were any justice in the world. The author of a whole series of competent, well-researched, and catch-your-breath suspenseful thrillers all centered around the seamy... underbelly of Los Angeles, Brown's oeuvre is one that should be embraced by anyone who loves a seamlessly plotted thriller with characters that are anything but typical. Brown writes lean, muscled prose and captures the male viewpoint so effortlessly that one wonders how she does it."


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