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A Forest Of Corpses is one of the most intense and richly graphic books I've ever read. Alex and Jason are deeply moving characters with multifaceted, complex personalities. Pat A. Brown uses the male point of view like no other author I have ever read, including male authors. TwoLipsReviews

Welcome to the Los Padres Wilderness Forest. The vacation place from hell.

In this sequel to The Geography of Murder, Santa Barbara Homicide detective Alexander Spider and his lover of seven months, Jason Zachary are still struggling to make their intense but troubled love affair work. To this end Jason talks city boy Alex into a hiking trip in Los Padres National Forest, something Alex has never done. Only his love for Jason makes him agree. Spider is not an outdoor type guy but for Jason he will go. His first introduction to 'roughing it' is fraught with humorous horrors. Then during an arduous backwoods hike the pair stumble on the bodies of missing hikers, the most recent one barely cold. They were hikers killed for stumbling onto a major grow-op hidden in the vast wilderness. Now Alex and Jason are in a race for their lives.

Like Geography there's plenty of hot man on man sex, mixed in with police procedures as Spider tries to shut down a drug operation in the city that follows him into the mountains.

The title Forest of Corpses comes from the German phrase for The Body Farm, translated back into English.

Forest of Corpses

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