Man's Best Friend

Cover for Man's Best Friend

"P.A. Brown pens such satisfying and emotional tales that by the end you can't help rooting for a happy ending. Man's Best Friend has all the elements of a great read; romance, love, animals and suspense." Sensual Erotic Romance More

Nothing can be closer to a man than his best friends.

New Mexico, the land of enchantment weaves a spell of love around Todd Richards and Dr. Keith Anderson as they struggle to make their love work amid terrible loss, betrayal and rustlers and make their dream of a bed & breakfast in Santa Fe a reality.

His dog brought Todd Richards and a new vet Dr. Keith Anderson together. Could their love overcome Keith's loss and Todd's betrayal? In this funny and touching love story two men, both innocents at love, come together over an injured dog. The heat between them is immediate and unmistakable, but can it carry them through it all? A hot romance that begins in the streets of San Francisco and ends on a lovely ranch on the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico where enchantment is real and no one's heart can survive unscathed.


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