Memory of Darkness

"I even have trouble concentrating while reading, marveling at the flawless style.... the in-your-face vividness of your characters, especially Wager." Carol Percer

"Brown skillfully changes this two-time criminal loser into a man on the run, one you can't help rooting for." Literary Nymphs

"Memory of Darkness serves up a stay-up-all-night read that grabs you and refuses to let go until its surprisingly touching denouement." Rick Reed -- Dark Scribe Magazine.

Johnny Wager is a 42-year-old street hustler, small time burglar and reformed car thief (well, mostly reformed) He's an ex-con who finds himself in the middle of a war between powerful adversaries that has disastrous consequences for a lot of people.

In his search for justice Wager has a host of allies and foes, his disapproving son, the Los Angeles Sheriff's deputy, a six-foot-five black drag queen from New Orleans who wears four inch Jimmy Choos, her five-foot-five Puerto Rican boyfriend, an ex-Marine porno film maker, the Armenian mob and an incontinent Bassett Hound called Columbo.

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